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Quiet Beaches of Belize's North: Real Estate in Corozal

Belize, a small Central American nation bordering the Caribbean Sea, has a lot to offer the traveler, investor, part-time resident, and retiree. With English as its official language, a low cost of living, a welcoming culture, and abundant natural attractions, Belize is drawing more homebuyers from North America and Europe, while remaining affordable.

Of all the expatriate communities in Belize, Corozal is perhaps the second largest after the much more upscale Ambergris Caye. Corozal offers a relaxed pace of living, modern conveniences, and affordable costs – making it a triply good idea for potential investors to explore Corozal, Belize, real estate.

Corozal is one of Belize's 6 districts and contains about 10% of its population. On its north, the district borders Mexico. The largest population center in Corozal is Corozal Town, which is 85 miles north of Belize City. On its eastern side, Corozal district borders the Caribbean Sea.

What draws foreign nationals to this out-of-the-way corner of Belize? Well, perhaps much of the attraction is the same as what is causing more expatriates to purchase real estate in Belize in general: this country offers a great quality of life at an affordable cost. Real estate in Belize is inexpensive, and a contemporary home can be custom-built in Belize at prices less than in many U.S. suburbs. In Belize, it's possible for a couple to live quite well for under $2,000 per month. Belizeans have earned a reputation for being hospitable and friendly, and the fact that the country's official language is English makes it easy for expatriates to settle and stay here. Beyond these things, though, there are a few factors that make Corozal special, and that give real estate in this area extra appeal.

One of Corozal's biggest charms is its seaside lifestyle. In the 1990s, travelers, eco-tourism companies, and expatriates really began to discover Belize's beautiful beaches, abundant coral reefs, and world-class fishing. Between the district's two bodies of water, the Caribbean and northern Corozal Bay, residents can swim, sail, fish, snorkel, dive, or simply stroll the beaches within a few miles (or less!) of their homes.

Corozal boasts significant cultural wealth, as well. The district is home to numerous Mayan archaeological sites dating back thousands of years, and new discoveries are still being made. Residents of Corozal Town can walk a short distance from the city center to visit St. Rita, an ancient Mayan city, or can take a short drive to a number of other sites. One of the district's villages, Little Belize, hosts a community of German-speaking Mennonites who practice traditional farming methods. All of Corozal's villages display the rich mixture of cultures that Belize in general is known for.

Another reason to consider real estate in Corozal is that the area is very convenient to the amenities and attractions of Quintana Roo, the neighboring Mexican state. Chetumal, a large city just across the border, features shopping malls, a ten-screen movie theater, museums, nightlife, and more amenities, all a short drive from Corozal.

In a February 2011 article, the AARP (formerly American Association of Retired Persons) called Corozal one of the best places to retire outside of the United States, and it's easy for visitors to see why. If you live in Corozal, it's easy to obtain modern conveniences and luxuries when you want them, and otherwise, enjoy a peaceful, tranquil lifestyle at home – all at a very affordable cost.