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Things to Consider Before Moving to Uruguay!

Many retirees looking for a more relaxed and affordable lifestyle are moving to Uruguay.  Uruguay is rapidly becoming a popular tourist destination, boasting a year-round semi-tropical climate, white sand beaches, and crystal clear azure ocean water.  Although the population swells during the northern winter months, expatriates find that the relaxed lifestyle and congeniality of locals make living in Uruguay a much desired change.

One US dollar is worth 19.3 Uruguay pesos, and the cost of living is among the lowest in the world.  You can buy interior pampas ranchland for about $100 an acre, or invest in a new condominium on the beach for just a few thousand dollars.  Rentals of property can bring as much as $6500 per month, which can generate a nice second income for property owners when they are not there.  Breakfast for four can be as cheap as $3.

Uruguay Offers Old-World Charm with Modern Amenities

European architecture and charm define the colonial cities of Uruguay.  The newly restored city, Colonia, puts on the garb of its Portuguese beginnings.  In Piriapolis, the Gran Hotel Argentino looks like a German castle. This eclectic mix of architecture contrasts with the high-rise condominiums and resorts that line the beaches of Punta Del Este and La Paloma.  Most of these modern structures have been built within the last 20 years and have all the amenities that one would expect in a luxury accommodation.


Other Advantages of Moving to Uruguay

With strict privacy laws governing banking, many businesses operate quietly under the tax breaks allowed in the country.  Expats are allowed a second citizenship and passport after only three to five years of residency.  Residency is established after six to 10 months of living in the country.  Even after the global economic downturn of 2008, property values have stayed steady or have continued to climb, encouraging investors to buy before prices get out of hand.

Uruguay Health Care

Emergency clinics and ambulance transportation is free to public hospitals.  There are fees charged for private hospitals, but insurances are accepted.  By becoming a member of a private hospital, services are provided for a monthly premium of $50-$85 per month.  Public health coverage gives a choice of doctors and facilities nationally and internationally for about $90 - $260 per month. 

Things to See and Do in Uruguay

The country has a variety of low-lying terrain, grasslands, and forests in the interior.  There are beautiful areas to explore as well as cities and towns that have their own unique personalities.  Football (soccer) is always popular in Latin America, as well as fishing and all water activities.  If you are interested in history, many fascinating locations can acquaint you with the early beginnings of the country. There are opportunities to take part in local culture and festivals as well. 

Moving to the fascinating country of Uruguay is a decision that many tourists make whether they like the busy, active life during the high-season, or relish the quiet relaxing pace of the off-season.  Uruguay offers something for everyone.


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