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Punta Del Este Real Estate is Uruguay’s Premier Vacation Location!

The popularity of Punta Del Este real estate is unmatched anywhere in the country of Uruguay.  Known for its wide sandy beaches and clear blue waters, the city of Punta del Este’s population of 7,300 residents grows to about 500,000 during the summer tourist season.  High rise resorts and condos line the beaches and Chiverta Avenue, giving the city a contemporary look. 

The gentle curve of the bay looks toward the island of Gorriti, which is a popular area for snorkeling and scuba diving.  Part of the beach is called Playa Brava, (Rough Sea Beach), which is not recommended for swimming, although it is popular with surfers.  The other part of the bay, Playa Mansa, boasts calm waters ideal for swimming and water sports.

Things to Do in Punta Del Este

The warm, ocean, wide beaches, and temperate climate draw one-half million visitors to the area, making Punta Del Este the most popular and upscale destination in Uruguay.  Yet, tucked in between the new modern high-rises are structures dating back to the colonization by Portuguese.  Art galleries, casinos, shops, museums, and theaters can be found along the main street, Gorlero Avenue. 

Obviously, the main attraction to Punta Del Este is the water and beaches. The beaches are long and varied, so you can choose the kind of water and sand you prefer. Swimming and all types of water sports are enjoyed here, as well as sport fishing.  There is plenty of boat moorage and the natural harbor welcomes sailboats, motor boats, and fishing boats. 



Punta Del Este is a beautiful town with many old houses that display gorgeous, well-kept gardens with plants that are from all over the world, and short walks and drives will show visitors clean, quiet neighborhoods. Because the city is on a peninsula, you can enjoy sunrise on one side and sunset on the other. 

The Night Life in Punta Del Este

Sunset in the summer is after 9:00.  That is when Punta gets really active.  Locals and visitors eat late, and then take a leisurely stroll along the beach to watch the sunset.  There are casinos, bars, and dancing to enjoy that stay open all night.  Take in the sunrise, and then head off to bed.

The Growing Real Estate Market in Punta Del Este

Punta Del Este is considered the top destination for visitors who wish to enjoy the sun, surf, and night life in Uruguay.  High rise condominiums are at a premium right now, and even after the economic downturn of 2008, those properties have maintained their value.  Owners in time share condos can rent their time for up to $6500 a week, making their investment a lucrative business.  In addition, real estate laws and taxes encourage non-citizens to buy property in Uruguay. The market is currently about half the price of buying beachfront resort property in California or Florida.

Living in Punta Del Este, Uruguay, is for those who wish to have a relaxed, comfortable lifestyle in a modern city for half the price of living in the US.


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