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Safest Country In Region: According to the 2011 Global Peace Index, Uruguay is the safest country in the region, and one of the safest countries in the world, ranking number 21 out of the 149 countries that were rated.
Political and Economic Stability.
Luxury For Less: One aspect of living in Uruguay that makes it a great second home or retirement destination is the low cost of living a luxury lifestyle.
Quality Healthcare: Uruguay has good quality health care, both public and private, throughout the country.
Opposite Seasons: Uruguay boasts warm summers and mild winters. The summer months of Uruguay are the opposite to North America and Europe (December through March). Both Spring and Fall have warm days and cool nights. Winter is from June to August. It is cool, but it never snows, and there are lots of sunny days.
Rated in the top four countries in the world for retirement by International Living.
Why Uruguay
Something For Everyone: Hundreds of kilometers of beautiful beaches, sophisticated cities, and culture.
European Ambience: Most Uruguayans are of Spanish, Italian, or other European origin. European culture is prevalent throughout the country with sidewalk cafes, classical music, and European cuisine accompanied by great wines.
Perfect Infrastructure: The highways along the coast and around cities are First-World. There are no power outages. Everything works and is on time.
Highest standard of living and life expectancy, and lowest infant mortality rate in Latin America.
Highest GDP Per Capita in the Region
Excellent Cuisine: When dining out, superior quality steak and seafood, and handmade sorrentinos, raviolis, and gnocchis are the fare. When dining in, the supermarkets and specialty food stores are almost as good as one would find in New York or Paris. Like its neighbors Argentina and Chile, Uruguay is a superior producer of fine wines. Tannat is the signature wine of Uruguay, and is not to be missed.

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